Our nursery provides a safe and comfortable place for parents to leave their infants and toddlers as they have their time of worship. Through simple stories, music and fun age appropriate play, infants and toddlers learn how much God loves them, and how easy it is for them to love Him back. We invite you, as parents of an infant or toddler, to visit our Nursery at any time.


A Children’s ministry entitled Jesus And Me provide children the opportunity to learn God’s Word utilizing media, animation, music, and crafts as creative mediums to illustrate God’s Word.  


Music ministry at BBC is a blend of hymns and praise choruses.  Church members are encouraged to lift up their voices and hands in worship of King Jesus.  Whatever style of music you prefer, the choruses, solos, and instrumentalists will all be Christ honoring.  


Our church van provides free transportation to all church services for adults and children.  Please contact the church for more information about BBC Van Ministry anywhere in the City of Clinton.

Biblical Counseling

Everyone needs some help now and then. Life happens, and as it does, there are struggles, temptations and trials. This could be a time in your life when you need some accountability and encouragement. Maybe you need someone to help you view your circumstances according to what the Bible says. We offer the help, hope and guidance that you need. Biblical counseling.

We help people with many different problems, including marital problems, parenting challenges, people dealing with emotions like depression, anger, fear and anxiety, and those caught in sexual sin. In all of these cases, we use the Bible, God's Sufficient Word, to answer all of life's problems.

Life Groups

Age graded classes for all adults providing a support group with Christians who are learning God’s Word and enjoying social events together. In depth Bible studies and thematic discipleship groups mature every attender in their faith. 

Student Ministry

We encourage students to study God's word and practically apply the truth through discussion/study and small groups.